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released September 20, 2017

Composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Casey Rae at Sounds of the Baskervilles, Washington, DC.


all rights reserved



Casey Merlin Rae Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: All In
Gonna make a cradle in your hair
Trace another line
Across the bed
When you aren't looking

Happiness is dying in your eyes
Across your aching brow
Tell me now what you believe in

Wheel goes round
Oh babe

Say that you're all right
Tell me what you're thinking of
Try to get across
Everything you're made of

Quietly we chase the fading light
Till the night falls down
Like a gown
And you will make me

Analyze what happens anyway
Help to kill the doubt
In and out
You know I need it

Wheel goes round
Oh babe

This is not your fault
The wound before the salt

Standing in the hall
Waiting for ya

Why you take me down?
Track Name: She's Home Again
It’s over now
What’s left to embrace
when you’ve fallen from grace

Like everyone

You’re lost in a haze
No time to explain

What’s going on

Just wasting your days

Like a barely used phrase

It’s all you’ve got

When there’s nothing but time well it’s alright

Didn’t you have fun?

And now it’s all fallen behind you

It’s finalized
The stars never rise
The silence abides

You’ve taken time

Drawing the lines

Agony of the mind

The thunder rolls 

Will the patient awake

To see your crying face
Damp empty ground

There’s a flash in the sky now above us

And a long black veil

So you whisper the song you remember

She became divine

The chamber loaded
Read what’s on my mind

If you dare to

Tearing down the blinds

What do think of

All the dreams that died
Are born again

Leave it all behind
Give it all away

Don’t matter what they say
Cause you know where you’re going

Track Name: What Will Make You
The final something is coming
The riders drawing near

Your broken fingers keep strumming

When will you ever hear

You can’t hide

One day the fever will take you

One day you’ll disappear

Who’ll be the one to embrace you

When you’re not even here

You can’t hide

What will make you wake up?

If there was ever a reason

To fight for everyone

Who doesn’t follow the leader

Or want it all undone

You can’t hide

What will make you wake up?

Track Name: Bronski Beast
Is there something I should take?
Track Name: While I'm Away
Dig a hole darling that’s why you’re here
No need to tremble, no need to fear

Waited long for this very day

Now it’s upon you got nothing to say

Beg for forgiveness if that’s your ideal

With penitent whispers make your appeal

Alkaline spirit acidic mind
Look for direction you’ll never find

Place your illusions under the wheel

Grinding the diamond, forging the steel

Infinite always every day

Look after them all while I’m away
Track Name: You're the Target
Set the target

It’s an everyday kinda solution
What we’re facing now is too many kinds of real

if you’re willing
It’s a killing
Might have to do a little shilling

But’s that’s OK because there’s so much more to steal

It’s the fever of the age

Now we’re on the final page

And they’ve all come home to roost
And there’s no such thing as true

There’s no such thing
As true


You’re the target
Track Name: Place Ov Dead Roads
You wanna tell me that love’s divine
You take your cues from the front lines
So save your worries for another time
We know you’re always on the outside

And if you’re waiting for some kind of sign
With your focus on the inside
And when they told you just to fall in line
It seemed like another lifetime

A​n​d now that everything has changed again
You’re so desperate for an outcome
Because it really doesn’t matter when
Just so long as you’re not outgunned

And if you’re planning yet another try
Ask yourself the simple question
Does it satisfy to be alive
Or is it just a cruel exception

Oh it’s just another lifetime
And you’re just waiting for the right time

You never told me that you had to go
You just vanished into thin air
And now I wonder why it happened so
Or if there’s anything but despair

Oh it’s just another lifetime
And you’re just waiting for the right time
Track Name: Sharpen Every Blade
Dream of a far away

Time ravaged shore

We travel now for days

And many more

Arrive a final place

Try to save them all

Sharpen every blade
Before the dawn

While every other grace

Has come and gone

The weather is the same

And so the song

About the ritual

You made the deal 

And now the trail is cold

Blood on the wagon wheel

Blood on the wagon wheel 

Oh my dear dear dear love

Oh is this just the bottom?

Oh my dear dear dear love
When desire’s overcome 

Until the final scene

Dissolves the frame
You sharpen every blade

I’ll do the same

Forget the ritual

That got us here

And now there’s nothing left

Except the fear

Oh my dear dear dear love

Oh is this just the bottom?

Oh my dear dear dear love
When desire’s overcome